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Financing a second hand car loan when you want to buy that used car in the Philippines can be a hideous task. That is especially if you don't know where to go, who to approach for help, or what best choices do you have in terms of interest rate, payment terms and application procedures to undergo for convenience. That is why Car Financing Philippines is here. We are your freelance loan broker. Duly accredited top car financing consultants in the Philippines. We have multiple top lending company providers from private financing firms to banks.

Our Car Financing Options Providers

We offer FREE consultation and application assistance to all our brand new and used car buyer clients. Just submit complete documentary requirements and then leave it to the experts. But before that, allow us to present your choices so you know where your application will go (see our list of providers). Currently, we have 3 providers on line for each category of 2nd hand and brand new car buyers. 2 private lending companies and 1 bank for the second hand car financing. While we have 3 providers for brand new car financing - 1 bank, 1 in house and 1 private financing.

We also accept assisting buyers of second hand imported surplus vehicles, trucks and heavy equipments from Clark and other nearby ports in the Philippines. We can assist you anywhere you may be for as long as your provider of choice have a catering branch in your area (see our list of branches). For brand new heavy equipment and truck buyers, we have banks and private financing firms willing to give you a competitive loan program. Ask us or see your choices here.

Ask for Free Computation and Quotation

Need a sample quotation to know how much monthly amortization you expect to pay for buying a brand new or used car? We can give you outright estimates and computation on how much monthly amortization and payment terms you can get out of your car financing loan with our providers. Email, call or send us a SMS and we'd be glad to provide. If you opt in for email or text message inquiry, please don't forget to provide car make and year model from which all providers base their quotation. This applies to both brand new and second hand cars.

Your Advantages With Car Financing Philippines Assistance

Let us do the job for you and be served by nothing short than the best in the industry who knows how to do it. We don't just assist our clients, we help them find the most convenient way to spend money through hassle-free procedures that you can only avail with us when buying car in the Philippines. Allow us to lay down all your choices from the lowest interest rate providers to the most convenient processing with easy-to-provide requirements. For those who have bad credit status, let us pre-qualify you first through a masterlist to see if a C Map (credit map) will show your bad banking and financing records. We also have our own used car dealers, sellers, showroom and list of cars to choose from. If you already have a prospect car to buy, no problem. We can arrange everything else for you. Give us your budget, car make and year model and we'd be glad to present you a list of choices. We can even find you that perfect car if we don't have it in our backyard or if you don't have a prospect yet. You don't have to do anything else nor apply personally. With us, you just submit your requirements and your car dealer or seller details and we'll handle it from there.

Our multiple top lending company branches are all waiting and always ready to cater to your inquiry through us and what best to do that but through our assistance. Call us now and achieve a hassle-free quotation in no time. Send us your SMS inquiry or email or call us outright and we promise to respond to your needs as soon as possible or as soon as you give us your information. Visit our Contact Us page and apply now!